A unique business model, IFFTV, a channel totally dedicated for Film Festivals, entertainment and information related to film and broadcast industry, may be first in the world.

Television programs are now becoming increasingly interactive, constantly seeking avenues of involving the viewer more productive ways that, perhaps, even encourages viewers to sit together and talk to each other. Television with its multi- media potential and interactivity has possibly done more to disseminate information and entertainment than any other medium. We can not think of a medium that can teach better than television through variety, through presentation of facts and alternative view points. So it is mixed with film and entertainment, IFFTV is an initiative to support the international film festivals and film industry as a whole.

IFFTV- is a reality TV concept for introducing film festival related content and promotion of films and film related services all over the world. And this will be a platform for new genre film festival.

Film Festivals have been one of the most discussed topics among film makers globally. IFFTV will be a platform to know more about latest trends in the global film industry and market. It’ll also support all film festivals happening in this world.

Thus, Film Festival through reality TV is a great concept that world television lacked.

Our strategy is based on serving a clearly defined niche market well. By having an identifiable market with available products related to film and broadcast industry, the management of ‘IFFTV’ believes we can exceed media standards for attracting potential viewers.

Everything related to film and broadcast industry will be there in this channel with film clippings and promotion visuals, supported by information technology. .

This channel will be the best option for advertising consumer products and everything related to film and broadcasting. We are committed to make new definition for film festivals, and make it much more enjoyable and meaningful through this channel.