A 100% Film Festival TV channel to promote cinema and music globally.


    A multi-lingual platform to create awareness among global cine-viewers on novel trends in cinema, video and broadcast industry.
This may be the first and only Film Festival TV channel dedicated for Cinema and Music and we’ll promote it such a way.

Its exclusive coverage include feature films, film clippings, film songs, film related programs, inside stories, interviews with film personalities, film Awards, Film Festivals, events, music albums, music shows, reality shows, one-of-a-kind original discussions and specials secure our role as the leader in film and music channel.

Being a 100% entertainment channel and an important leap in the field of media and information it will screen feature films, film clippings from blockbusters, award winning films and comedies, latest music chart videos, album series and TV favorites. It will screen on location stories, major premieres plus themed movie seasons every night include fright night, action and family movies.

This will be free to air and will be a premier channel for entertainment with a low repeat factor. Our programs will include entertainment programs related to Film festivals and entertainment, including music events, live chatting, reality shows, etc.

Exclusive interviews of the top stars and film personalities will be broadcasted.

The channel will telecast mega entertainment programs and events related to film and Film festivals.

It will conduct International awards and Film Festivals, to get films and songs for telecasting and appreciate film makers.

Well known film stars, directors, writers, music composers and lyricists will lend their creative talent to the channel for its forthcoming mega programs.

Many innovative programs related to films will be made to provide never-before excitement to our viewers.

Viewer participation and interaction opportunities will be there in our channel through SMS .

During the past half century, world cinema has accomplished a stature of its own in the global entertainment arena. It is more than an entertainment to media community and film festivals have played pivotal role in popularizing elite media culture among the masses.