Dedicated TV


TV and IT media for the promotion of global film industry!

Working with such a concept is challenging…. There is so much enthusiasm in it.

It is enough to charge…

Now we can think about how to develop and market such a platform. As you know, media and entertainment business is going through a revolution.

The only thing we do more of than consume media, is sleep. We have never consumed more TV than we do today. Certainly, there has room for a specialized TV channel for Film Festivals.

There is some consensus: the deal is that all communication channels be optimized to deliver against marketing objectives.

The question where do we start?

I believe, we'll start to see a new, ideally single, planning discipline – one that is much more deeply rooted in insight and bespoke measurement of behavioral change and performance. By being more connected to the consumer than anybody else, the new concept will be able to create a deeper and more sustainable vision. Therefore, we must have deep interest in people, what they want and why.

They will love the new concept environment because they will have grown up in it. The media discipline is deeply rooted in consumer behavior and insight.

Our challenge remain unchanged – to weave brands and services in to film festival platform and to do it in sufficient numbers to satisfy its need.

We’ll become media partners for International film festivals to promote their concepts.

A brand's content – how and where it touches the consumer – now determines how effective the communication will be. Today, context is just as important as content. Much sharper and novel forms of content are a must. We must be committed to provide it through in-house production, outsourcing, stringers and by making partnerships.

Ours will be a specialized TV channel for Film Festival easily available to the viewers.

It targets, passionate film makers, film viewers, media people and film festival organisers all over the world.